Spring Bee @ BlueBridge.PRO

Pollination Services

In their natural habitat

Pet Photography

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Wiley V.

Of Clarkston WA.

Big fan of the BlueBridge.
“my very favorite place to piddle”
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Advance Productions, 1987 – 20017 30 Years of Professional Photographic and Creative Service Sole Proprietor / Independent Contractor Traveling Photographer of Fine custom portraiture in Homes, Country Clubs and Church directories and Department Stores across the Southwest Portraiture-16 Country Club Directories 70+ congregations over 40,000 Sittings Commercial-hundreds of happy business owners who ‘got more creativity for the $’ Videography- Editing , Recording Media Design and Set-up for production and distribution Web Site Design– SqareSpace.com, Word Press Devi, Adobe, Google Sites, You-Tube posting Printing Services-, Wall Murals, Brochures, Letterheads, Business cards, Custom Advertisements Wrote Annual Reports-Business Plans, Company Meetings, Executive Portraiture for biographies Stock Photography Copy-Rites of 700,000+ Quality Hi-Res Images © YHWHY ADVANCE

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